The Internship Application Process

Students who are applying to an institution for an internship are required to fill out the Internship Application Form. The Internship Application Form will then be delivered to the FEAS Student Affairs, to be signed and approved by the Dean. The students receive the signed Internship Application Form from FEAS Student Affairs, along with the Internship Approval Form, to deliver to their intended internship institution. The Internship Approval Form needs to be stamped and signed by the related executive at the institution, and the original document needs to be delivered to FEAS Student Affairs, while a copy needs to be delivered to the Internship Coordinator of the department.

Students are required to deliver the following documents to FEAS Student Affairs at least sixteen days prior to the internship period, in order for Internship Insurance Policies by the Social Security Institution to be made.

  • Intern Preliminary Information Form
  • Internship Approval Form (original copy, received from the internship institution)
  • 2 Letters of Commitment (general letters of commitment and the SSI Letter of Commitment)
  • ID copy
  • Letter of Residence
  • 1 Photograph
  • Health Provisions Information Document (from

Students who have completed their internship periods are obliged to deliver a letterheaded, stamped, signed document that provides information regarding the executive’s name, surname, phone number and e-mail, as well as the department of internship and provide proof as to the success of their internship period to the Internship coordinator.

Students register for the Internship course within the Curriculum on the following Fall semester. Students can consult their Internship Coordinator for further information, and receive guidelines towards filling out their Internship form.

In order to help expedite the experience earned by our students and alumni, the university Career and Personal Development Office shares job and internship notices from our associates and delivers the resumes of applicants to the related institutions. The notices can be found on the Career and Personal Development office website.