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Course Content

1xx Courses

MAN 111 German Language for Business Management I (Credit: 2, ECTS: 2)

Work environment, dual education system, current newspaper headlines and articles that discuss basic concepts and procedures in the office, marketing, branding.

MAN 115 Introduction to Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Basic concepts and methods in business administration, planning and decision making, production and logistics, sales and marketing, investment and financing and basic management.

MAN 117 Introduction to Accounting I (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Valuation methods for current and fixed assets, short term and long term liabilities, shareholders' equity, income and cost accounts.


MAN 104 German Language for Business Management II (Credit: 2, ECTS: 2)

Firms communication, intercultural communication, international institutions and organizations, logistics, companies and structures.

MAN 110 Introduction to Accounting II (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Valuation methods for current and fixed assets, short term and long term liabilities, shareholders' equity, income and cost accounts.

MAN 114 Social Psychology (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Behaviors developed individually or in groups, analysis of ideas and feelings, right and desired communication methods.

MAN 118 Business Informatics (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Computer aided information systems, high technology business processes, principles of informatics, contemporary ERP systems, improvements in modern communications technologies, the relation between information technologies and the behaviour and needs of the modern human.

2xx Courses

MAN 209 Communication and Presentation Techniques (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Modern, easy-to-understand communication and presentation capabilities, recognition, acceptance orientation, active listening, non-verbal communication, the 4-ear model, feedback, new techniques under psychotherapy and counseling, cultural sensibilities, business and customer oriented practice of communication techniques.

MAN 215 Management and Organizational Theory (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

General perspective on international business management, basic concepts, globalization and internationalization decisions, export and franchise, different market entry methods, international alliances and strategic decision-making processes, management techniques.

MAN 221 Cost Accounting (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Basic concepts of cost accounting, classification of costs, components of costs, providing cost areas and applying cost distribution methods, cost carriers, determination of the final product cost and sales price, determination of the break-even point and contribution margin.

MAN 223 Microeconomics  (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Production factors, market economy, supply and demand, market types.


MAN 212 International Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Exemplifying the reasons of globalization and its effects on businesses, analyzing international market penetration strategies and their advantage and disadvantages, components that need to be taken into consideration by selection of the appropriate strategy, explanation of the different organizational alternatives and coordination mechanisms and handling the results of human resources thought on a global scale.

MAN 218 Human Resources Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

How to perform HR activities in a company with case studies and discussions in order to take advantage of effective human resources.

MAN 222 Macroeconomics (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Growth and investment, GNP, macroeconomic success criteria, methods of calculating GNP, employment relations, macroeconomic theory, consumption-savings balance, banks and money, the Central Bank, money creative processes.

MAN 224 Social Responsibility and Ethics  (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Ethical argumentation and sociological theories, empirical facts, the basic principles of democracy, examples of how to accept the social responsibility of international companies and practical considerations.

3xx Courses

MAN 303 Research Methods  (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

The steps of the scientific method of research, content and benefits, measurement and scaling, SPSS, descriptive, inductive statistics calculation and interpretation, multivariate analysis method.

MAN 307 Corporate Finance (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Basic concepts and methods of business finance, time value of money, simple interest and compound interest, equity financing (especially public companies) short-term foreign capital financing, long-term foreign capital financing, auto financing basics.

MAN 321 Information Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Steering and development tasks of operational information management, particularly from the view of a CIO, support of operational creation of value, management tasks, operational integration of information management.

MAN 323 Principles of Marketing (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Definition of marketing concepts, marketing activities, of environmental conditions which are affecting the marketing process, the elements of the marketing mix.

MAN 325 Production Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Various manufacturing systems, different workflow methods, production time and cost analysis, productivity in production, production management and control methods, just in time production system and lean manufacturing, computer-compound production systems and different modules, knowledge and innovation management, ISO 9000 quality management, ISO 14000 environmental management systems, international standards and the EFQM business excellence model.


MAN 328 International Financial Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Internationalization and processes, the foreign exchange market, exchange rate systems, the exchange rate risk management, multinational enterprises, international money and capital markets to provide funds, multinational enterprises, international bond and stock markets to provide funds, foreign trade financing, direct foreign capital investments and foreign evaluation of investment projects.

MAN 332 International Marketing (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

International marketing and international trade, International Marketing, international marketing and the importance of the definition of the information to be collected In the process of Internationalization, international marketing environment International divestitures are permitted, International marketing strategies, market segmentation, target market selection, and Product decisions and strategies, marketing mix, Brand selection, pricing strategies, distribution Strategies, Promotion Strategies.

MAN 336 Operations Research (Credit: 3, ECTS: 6)

Identifying and solving business problems with numerical operations research systems, deterministic and stochastic models, linear programming, transportation methods, integer programming, decision theory, dynamic optimization and network diagram techniques.

MAN 338 Intercultural Management (Credit: 3, ECTS: 5)

Values from different cultures, manners, expectations, capabilities, multiculturalism, cultural differences, perception, communication and trade in different cultural fields.